Expo Chicago 2019


Expo Chicago 
19-22 September 2019 
Navy Pier, Chicago, IL 

We are thrilled to be participating at Expo Chicago for the second consecutive year with a 2-person booth with works by the talented Jonni Cheatwood & Milo Matthieu. Further details will be posted in coming weeks but for any information between now and then kindly email info@beerslondon.com. 


Jonni Cheatwood  is a Brazilian-American visual artist working across many different disciplines including painting, photography, graphic design and fashion. Cheatwood’s work describes the broad visual ideas stemming from still life, abstraction and minimalism. The graffiti-like scribbles, scratches and primitive colours of Cheatwood’s work is the controlled chaotic work of an erudite, expressionist. Beginning with direct marks, squiggles and doodles Cheatwood reacts and builds compositions over time, working with the studio and the detritus that can build up as a result of working on the floor. Intuitively embracing, repeating and then responding to the marks, both intentional and accidental, that can occur all the while drawing on references to still life, interactions of color, text and graffiti Cheatwood stitches together an autobiographical reflection of his perceived experience of the city in which he lives.

JONNI CHEATWOOD (b. 1986, Thousand Oaks, CA) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Arizona State University, Tempe, in 2011. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Strange to Meet You’, Tappan Collective, LA (2017); ‘Don’t Lift Your Heroes up so High’, Palabra, Phoenix AZ (2015); and ‘Alysian’, Prohibition Gallery, Culver City CA (2014). Group exhibitions include: ‘Scope Miami Booth C-11’, Mika Gallery, Miami FL (2017); ‘FRESHAF’, TW Fine Art, Brisbane Australia (2017); and ‘Buy What You Love’, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, New York NY (2017). Cheatwood first exhibited with BEERS London for the group exhibition ’75 Works on Paper’ (2017), and exhibited at Volta NY with BEERS in March 2018. Upcoming shows include a solo show at Over The Influence, Hong Kong (2018); and Chimento Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA (2018).

Striking in both colour and composition, Milo Matthieu’s works are collages built with layers of paint and paper. Originally having studied photography, his experimentations with building upon pre-existing images with paint opened up new realms of possibility for the artist; aside from the process allowing his works to grow organically in ways Matthieu himself may not have expected, the use of readymade imagery allows him to pay homage to artists who have come before. The results are works that, despite being built upon canvas and wood, often seem textural and three-dimensional, especially when viewed from oblique angles. These are works that seem to come alive as the viewer moves around them, bringing to the fore a sense of vitality and energy. This does, however, belie the subject matter that Matthieu often portrays. Despite the liberal use of pepper-reds and sunset-yellows, these are not ‘happy’ images. There is often a dark undertone to the works, owing largely to the eldritch nature of the figures the artist creates. Faces, built from Frankensteinian constructs of odd-numbered eyes and lipless mouths, peer out of the darkness like macabre visions. They are not works which start out with a ‘message’; instead, the metamorphosis that gradually takes place from the initial markings of the work to the end product create some form of significance. Matthieu leaves the meaning behind the works in his artistic oeuvre intentionally ambiguous, instead using them as blank canvases upon which the viewer is invited to apply their own ideas.

MILO MATTHIEU (b. 1990, Los Angeles, USA) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating university with a degree in photography, he has exhibited his works nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Rum Room New York, Dean Collection’, Dream Midtown, New York (2018); ‘Kinfolk 10th Anniversary’, Kinfolk 90, New York (2018); ‘Av-Ve-Rez, Myuz Unveiling’, PRVT VW, New York (2018); ‘Danger To Society’, Sincerely, Tommy, New York (2018); and ‘Volume A’, Colonia Nova, Berlin, Germany (2017).