I Am Solitary (Contemporary Visions II)

Beers.Lambert Contemporary Art is proud to announce I Am Solitary, an exhibition of international emerging artists who confront conceptual ideas surrounding the formation and deconstruction of identity. Located on London’s famed Vyner Street, the exhibition will also include an on-site artist-talk as well as a coinciding publication.

I Am Solitary comments upon the conceptual understanding of identity as explored through crisis, catharsis, and convalescence. The selected work focuses on the relationship between the individual and the collective: showcasing each artist's distinct aesthetic perspective while simultaneously provoking a dialogue between the tension and union of the works - presenting multiple perspectives as one collective articulation.

The exhibition aims to challenge traditional conventions of the figure in contemporary art, offering a reconsideration of modes of representation in which identity is considered a progressive, abstract source of inspiration and interpretation. By removing expectancy from an exclusively figurative approach, the selected work considers 'the individual' as both subject and concept, suggesting a complex relationship between the subjective experience, the remote instance, the process of creation, and the viewer’s engagement with the work.

Each artist exhibits a progressive approach to the exhibition’s theme, evidenced through the process by which these concerns are carried-out through their practice. The selected artists avoid a didactic or predictable interpretation of the thematic framework by approaching the themes conceptually and abstractly. As such, each reclaims the concept of identity through their respective materials and an embrasure of the symbolic. The ubiquity of themes relating to identity and isolation are readdressed - and thus reinvigorated with aesthetic value and critical significance. Accordingly, each artist prioritizes a passionate interest in the processes that inform the reception of their work, and a re-contextualization of individuality: from a solipsistic utterance toward a politics of the personal.

The exhibition includes artists Adam Ball, Joshua Bilton, Lindsey Bull, Winston Chmielinski, Andrew Friend, Grace Kim, Jin Han Lee, Tom Lovelace, Sarah Pager, Andrew Salgado, and Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes.