The Great Storeroom Show (online)

Available Work (PDF)

15 November – 21 December 2019 (online only)

This online exhibition includes work by various gallery artists as well as Dale Adcock, Scott Anderson, Gary Hume, Nico Krijno & Tal R.

It has been a very fun, successful, and exciting year for us and our artists; we’ve installed 8 shows, 4 art fairs, released 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow (Thames & Hudson)and even exhibited 7 ‘one-week’ solos during our first-ever ‘Summer Marathon’. However; as we near the end of the year, our lowly storeroom fills up, and as every gallery can attest, with every show there inevitably remains some stragglers – that is, paintings that did not find a home!

Ironically, for us at the gallery, some of our favorite pieces from the year are still available for acquisition! Thus, The Great Storeroom Show brings together works by our represented artists; works from the secondary market; works lurking in quietest corners of our storeroom; and various lost-gems from our 2019 exhibition programme. The works are being ‘shown’ together (digitally) for the first time, and through the magic of Photoshop, we even have installation imagery to share!