Jan Sebastian Koch

Jan Sebastian Koch might just be the art-world’s best kept secret: his ethereal, dreamlike landscape and fantastical still ­life paintings evoke the otherworldliness of Chagall or Matisse, handled with a masterful approach to contemporary painting rarely matched by an artist his age. The works are at once poetic, powerful, and deceptively simple: cerulean hues and pastel planes delineate a mountain, a body of water, or a rocky outreach. Through a style that is simultaneously ‘landscape’ painting and completely abstract, the artist recalls contemporary peers Andreas Eriksson or Harold Ancart, but with a greater poetic sensitivity that suggests an emotional understanding or even through his literary imbued titles, even a sense of developing narrative. In 2019 we proudly presented Jan Sebastian in his first major solo outing, which nearly sold out in its first 5 days. We have great aspirations for this incredibly talented painter.

JAN SEBASTIAN KOCH (b.1978 Monchengladbach, Germany) graduated with an MA from the University of Art in Berlin in 2005. Solo exhibitions include: If Mountains Could Sing, BEERS London (2020); Shelter from the Storm, BEERS London (2019); New Paintings, Avlskarl Gallery, Copenhagen (2013). Group exhibitions include: paper., BEERS London, London (2022); Lee Mingwei: Li, Gifts and Rituals, Gropius Bau, Berlin (2020); Roter Hirsch, codex-­berlin, Berlin (2018); Black Box Kunsthalle, Luneburg (2018); No More Heroes Anymore Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (2016). Koch currently lives and works in Berlin.

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