Future Fair, NYC

Future Fair New York
Chelsea Industrial (West 28th Street)
5- 7 May 2022
Booth R-4

Artists: Kathryn MacNaughton & Gori Mora
PDF catalogue of works: HERE

We look forward to participating in the 2nd Edition of Future Fair in New York City at the Chelsea Industrial (West 28th Street) in May with a dual presentation by BEERS artists Kathryn MacNaughton & Gori Mora.

For more information about the fair please visit the Future Fair website HERE.

See you in New York!

KATHRYN MACNAUGHTON (b. 1985, Toronto, Canada) lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. She graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 2007. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Into the Groove’, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, Canada (2021); ​‘Heatwave’, BEERS London (2020);​ ‘Intervals’, BEERS London (2018); ‘Fixed State’, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto (2018); ‘Sprang’, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto (2016); and ‘Blue Note’, Huntclub Gallery, Toronto (2015). Group exhibitions include: ‘Organized Chaos’, Magma Gallery, Bologna, Italy (2019); ‘Pour’, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York (2019); ‘Your Favourite Artist’s Favourite Artist II’, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York (2019); ‘Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds’, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto (2017); ‘SMASH’, Gardiner Museum, Toronto (2016); and ‘The One That Got Away’, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto (2015). Residencies include: Pada Studios, Lisbon (2019). Macnaughton’s work has been featured in publications such as Elle Magazine, District-W Magazine, and The Coveteur.

GORI MORA (b. 1992, Mallorca, Spain) currently works and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2011 Mora moved to Barcelona to study his degree in Fine Arts at Barcelona University. In 2017 he moved to Glasgow to study the Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice at The Glasgow School of Art. After completing his Master’s programme he was awarded by the Royal Scottish Academy of Edinburgh with the Scholarship John Kinross, to spend a period of research in Florence. Mora has exhibited his works with: Tuesday to Friday Gallery, Valencia, Spain (2022); the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, UK (2021); BEERS London Gallery, London, UK (2021); V2React, Miami, US (2020); AIR Gallery, Manchester, UK (2020); TRAMWAY, Glasgow, UK (2019); AN Contemporary Art Festival, Mallorca, Spain (2019 and 2016); Casa de Cultura, Felanitx, Mallorca, Spain (2019); Museum and Art Collection, Porreres, Mallorca, Spain (2017); Konvent Punt Zero, Cultural Center of Art, Barcelona, Spain (2016) and MUTUO, Cultural Center of Art, Barcelona, Spain (2015). His project ‘My Florence Souvenir’ is part of the Royal Scottish Academy of Edinburgh collection, UK (2018).