5 – 8 March 2015
New York, NY
Booth C6
Solo: Sebastian Schrader

We are thrilled to be back to VOLTA New York in 2015 with a solo presentation of the work of Sebastian Schrader. VOLTA will take place at Pier 90 in Manhatten and we will be located in booth C6.

For more information on the fair please visit their site HERE.


Strongly reminiscent of the intensity of the old European masters, Schrader intentionally references both the Renaissance and Baroque periods while also radiating a bold and contemporary approach that is uniquely his own. Lucid in form, colour and intention, Schrader’s artistic identity is representational and abstract in equal measure. His compositions are often characterized by lingering protagonists surrounded by scattered forgotten objects; crumpled wrapping paper, sheets, clothing and empty containers. Recurring motifs of anti-heroes, daydreamers, narcissists and clown figures, offer an insight into the artist’s perception of today’s culture of individualism – namely, a preoccupation with the self and the ability (or lack thereof) to participate constructively in society. His characters appear to be waiting, locked within the frame in limbo, and rejecting the hectic rhythm and notion of time altogether. In fact, Schrader’s unique painterly language is the true protagonist within his paintings. At times it is silent and undefined and other times it narrates stories that are characterized by a deafening stillness, and yet, his paintings encompass a peaceful void that is marked by hints of playful elements throughout – entirely free of catharsis. Schrader’s work gives a definite nod toward classical paintings that draws upon a wealth of myths and art historical motifs in an attempt to probe the viewer in an intensified way and offer an altered experiential value in its ironic refraction of references and painterly precision.