Leonardo Ulian

Leonardo Ulian’s meticulously created works use technological components (from literally deconstructed appliances) to be methodically rearranged upon a surface mount in a mandala formation. The mandala, is a spiritual and ritual symbol in many Indian religions representing the circular nature of the world, existence, but also references a type of metaphysical order to things. Thus, the ideas and concepts behind Leonardo Ulian’s work stems from a profound interest in how systems can be applied in the process of making art, how life evolves, how technologies exist. Perhaps Ulian’s technique-laden discipline is meant to approach ideas about a scheme of convention, exploring the system itself in order to understand it, and perhaps, trying to find a condition of artistic autonomy within the framework created. Like Mondrian’s grids lifted from the constraints of their 2-dimensionality, the abstraction in his work appropriates ideas of reincarnation, and displaced communication, where one finds a newly formed meaning from a reincarnation of previous elements. The work has expanded to incorporate different elements: including encased books, abstract ‘paintings’ made from copper soldering, and free-standing sculptural forms. In his last solo exhibition with the gallery, he created a suspended veil within the gallery, transforming the space into a space of almost technological reverence. The artist has collaborated with Hermes, Wired Magazine, and countless other brands and companies eager to see how the artist can translate their message through his unique way of seeing – and making.

LEONARDO ULIAN (b. 1974, Gorizia, Italy) lives and works in London, England. Solo exhibitions include: ’Perpetual Nexus, Massimo Carasi Gallery, Milan (2019); ‘Devotion’, The Concept Space, Berlin (2016); ‘Technological Mandala 48 – Eye of Pula’, Singular Gallery, Pula (2015); ‘Volta NY Art Fair’, Massimo Carasi Gallery, New York (2015); ’Tesla Remixed’, Massimo Carasi Gallery, Milan (2014) and ‘Flames, Roses and Wires’, Shift Gallery, London, (2013). Group exhibitions include: ‘RA Summer show’’, Royal Accademy, London (2019); ‘Himalaya Revealed’, IFS Antiquity plaza and L7 Art Gallery, Chengdu, (2019)’, ‘Impact’, Sharjah Art Museum (part of the Islamic Art Festival), Sharjah (2017); ‘Matter Matters’, Massimo Carasi, Milan (2017); and ‘Spirit Mandala’, The Scorching Sun Art Lab, Lhasa (2016). Ulian was awarded the Owne Rowley Award in 2009, as well as the Stamps of the XX Century, Italy. He has been collected by the fashion house Hermes of Paris International and Fidelity Worldwide Investments. Ulian’s group showings with BEERS London include ‘London Art Fair’, London (2013 and 2014). Solo exhibitions with BEERS London include ‘Sacred Space’, London (2013); and ‘Real Reality’, London (2017).

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