Marion Fink

Marion Fink’s large-scale works on paper are created through an augmented monotype printing processes that is uniquely and intimately her own. Using oil paint and oil pastel, the artist first paints onto large glass plates, which she then transfers onto the paper by pressing with her full body. Fink builds upon the paper with a collage of new prints over time, resulting in unique, (literally) inimitable works. The works are somehow suggestive of drawing-works by artists like Carolee Schneeman, or even Matthew Barney, wherein the body becomes a fundamental instrument for the creation of work. Having evolved from a more ‘traditional’ painterly process of applying oil to canvas, this more recent technique gives the works a ghostly appearance–the paper shining through gaps in the thinly-applied, pastel-hued paint. Fink’s works depict idiosyncratic, abstract scenarios and stagings comprised of text, figures, objects, and shapes which, according to the artist, ‘give shape to [her] everyday philosophical considerations regarding the individual construction of reality and identity.’ Each work comes from a personal place–whether grounded in her own experiences, or in observations of the world around her. The titles are also important, being used to construct (and add to) the narratives which may not be immediately evident from viewing the work alone – and as such, reach new levels of meaning through a type of stream-of-consciousness poetry. The works are haunting, often-silly, and ultimately very personal.

MARION FINK (b. 1987, Lindenberg im Allgaeu, Germany) lives and works in Berlin and Potsdam, Germany. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg in 2016. Solo exhibitions include: ‘I am a conversation, which has decided, it exists.’, Aperto Raum, Berlin, Germany (2019) ‘New Work’, Kunstraum Potsdam ℅ Waschhaus, Potsdam, Germany (2017); ‘Soliloquy’, NAU Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (2014); and ‘Sweet Inner Bastard’, NAU Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (2012). Recent group exhibitions include ‘NUDE – Female Bodies by Female Artists’, Villa Schöningen, Potsdam, Germany (2019); ‘Think in Pictures’, Amelchenko, New York, USA (2019); ‘Offen Vol.2’, Gallery EIGEN + ART, Berlin, Germany (2018); ‚Tangerine Dreams’, curated by Johann König, Funkhaus, Berlin, Germany (2018). Later this year Marion will be part of the exhibition ‘Ping Pong Basel’ during Art Basel in Switzerland, ‘On Paper’ at Evelyn Drewes Gallery in Hamburg (Germany), a group exhibition at Rundgænger Gallery in Frankfurt (Germany) and a duo exhibition at C24 Gallery in New York (USA). In November 2019, Marion will be having a 2-person exhibition at BEERS London alongside sculptor Sebastian Neeb.

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