Works on Paper
Group Exhibition

Preview: Thurs. 16 November (6-8pm)
Exhibition: 17 November – 19 December 2017

BEERS London presents its second (annual) Works on Paper exhibit. The exhibition combines the work of over 50 artists working internationally, including both emerging and mid-career artists who were each asked to contribute as few as one (and as many as four) A4 works on paper. Any other overarching theme or concept was avoided to allow for a show that celebrates each artist’s unique perspective in its most basic iteration. All works were either created specifically for this exhibition or culled from the artist’s personal archive, and the result is an exciting culmination of works across any number of media, technical approaches, or conceptual backgrounds. What one sees viewing the art is the wonderfully diverse (and in often, quite related) themes and imagery, which include figurative, abstract, or text-based work, but also includes collage, preliminary sketches, and even sculptural or conceptual art that breaks from what we might expect.

William Bradley

William Bradley’s work is abstract art and about abstract art. Viewing the idea of the pure abstract language as problematized by its lack of communication from artist to viewer, Bradley builds in a more communal language of references and quotes from abstract art history, from Abstract Expressionism and artists such as John Hoyland, Sandra Blow and Eduardo Chillida. William Bradley’s paintings distort historical art references deconstructing the role of abstraction in both modernism and contemporary art practice.

WILLIAM BRADLEY [b.1984, London] graduated with a Masters Degree from Wimbledon College. He has been selected for FutureMap and the Catlin Art prize 2009 and 2011 and has been included in several prominent collections. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Tall Tales’, Galerie Richard, New York, (2013), ‘Good Plan’, EB&Flow, London (2012), ‘In Between the Gaps’ murmurART, London (2010). Group exhibitions: ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ (with Mark Selby) Berloni, London (2014), Person, Place or Thing, 68 Projects, Berlin (2014), ‘Summer Mixer’, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York (2013). Bradley currently lives and works between London and Los Angeles

Jonathan Chaplin

Jonathan Chapline’s paintings explore the world around us as mediated through a highly stylized perspective: one that feels quite ironically both retro and ‘futuristic’. With a discernible amount of kitsch and personality, Chapline constructs still life paintings in the typical constructed fashion favored by the Dutch Masters. However, Chapline’s feat is imbuing this conventional formula with a wild flair similar to 1980’s neon-adventists: a type of ‘Max Headroom’ hyperreality; like a conjectured supposition of what virtual-reality would feel like…if made twenty years ago. As a result, the works tend to harbour both a cold detachment, but also a warm-sense of nostalgia. Combined with a semiotic ‘breakdown’, the paintings are now 24-bit scenarios reminiscent of both cell phone screens and film noir sets. Each piece elegantly uses shadows and thoughtfully paired shades, so that they appear three dimensional, as though jumping out of the canvas. Chapline’s recent installation-based presentation, complete with sculptures that seem pulled directly from his paintings, accentuate this blurring of (sur)reality.

JONATHAN CHAPLINE [b. 1987, Savannah, GA] graduated with a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design and holds European Honors Program, RISD from Rome, Italy. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Housework’, Victori+Mo, Brooklyn, NY (2017); ‘Lagoon’, GCA, New York, NY (2016). Previous group exhibitions include: ‘Garudge Sale’, Canada Gallery, NY (2017) and ‘The Cactus Show’, Curated by Letha Wilson and Dan Gratz, Caryville New York (2017). Chapline currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Jonni Cheatwood

Jonni Cheatwood is a Brazilian-American visual artist working across many different disciplines including painting, photography, graphic design and fashion. Cheatwood’s work describes the broad visual ideas stemming from still life, abstraction and minimalism. The graffiti-like scribbles, scratches and primitive colours of Cheatwood’s work is the controlled chaotic work of an erudite, expressionist. Beginning with direct marks, squiggles and doodles Cheatwood reacts and builds compositions over time, working with the studio and the detritus that can build up as a result of working on the floor. Intuitively embracing, repeating and then responding to the marks, both intentional and accidental, that can occur all the while drawing on references to still life, interactions of color, text and graffiti Cheatwood stitches together an autobiographical reflection of his perceived experience of the c

JONNI CHEATWOOD [b. 1986, Thousand Oaks, CA] graduated from Arizona State University. Solo Exhibitions include: ‘Strange To Meet You’, Tappan, LA (2017) and ‘Don’t Lift Your Heroes Up So High’, Palabra, Phoenix (2015). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Pop-Up at the Refinery’, Mika Gallery, New York (2017) and ‘Rema Hort Foundation’, Nicodim Gallery, LA (2017) and he will be exhibiting with BEERS in his first group exhibition with the gallery, entitled, ’75 Works of Paper’ in London, UK. Cheatwood currently lives and works in LA.

Pat Cleveland

Pat Cleveland is the daughter of American Fine Arts Painter Lady Bird Cleveland and is an internationally recognised model with a career spanning over fifty years. With an educational background in the arts and having worked in fashion design for many years, Cleveland is now returning to her passion for art and is working on works for several upcoming exhibitions.

PAT CLEVELAND [b. 1950, New York City, New York] graduated from New York’s School of Art and Design (1969). Cleveland has worked alongside Andy Warhol, Richard Bernstein and Salvador Dali, Bruce Weber, Irving Penn, Herb Ritts, Guy Bourdin, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Dior and Karl Lagerfeld among others. Cleveland lives and works in New York.

Miles Debas

Miles Debas is a set designer, prop stylist and artist based in New York. Debas makes paintings with rich surfaces and surprising imagery taking inspiration from somewhat unconventional moments of people and places. Debas weaves together elements of Cubism and Fauvism with a more graphic, contemporary handling of space that results in playfully idiosyncratic paintings that display a clear admiration for the great Modern painters.

MILES DEBAS [b. 1985, Paris, France] graduated from Skidmore College and is currently completing his MFA in painting at Hunter College, NY. Selected group exhibition include: ‘Exquisite Show’, Fowler Arts Collective, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (2017). Debas currently lives and works in New York City.

Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland’s works seek to remind us of the power of nature, and humanity’s impact upon it. His paintings, often mixtures of Oil and Acrylic, are inspired by the landscape of his native Canada, and by traditional landscape painting and portraiture. Through their use of harsh colours and depictions of objects such as graffiti-ridden walls and bridges encroaching on the natural world, they depict a more sinister undertone to the environment than first meets the eye. Figures are often incorporated, although they are barely recognisable; ghostly, shadowed, and obscured with hoods covering their faces, they bring a distinctly human sense of the uncanny to the natural scenes.

KIM DORLAND [b. 1974, Alberta, Canada] completed his MFA at York University, Toronto, Ontario, and his BFA at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘I Know That I Know Nothing’, Angell Gallery, Toronto, (2016), ‘The End is the Beginning is the End’, Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, (2016), ‘Everyday Monsters’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, (2015) and ‘I’ve Seen the Future. Brother’, Galerie Antoine Eraskiran, Montreal, (2015). Group exhibitions include: ‘Ambivalent Pleasures’, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, (2016), ‘25 Works on Paper’, Beers London, London, (2016), ‘Aidas Bareikis, Kim Dorland & Bill Saylor’, Mier Gallery, Los Angeles, (2016) and ‘Major Works’ at Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, 2016. He was Globe and Mail’s Artist of the Year 2013, and his works can be found in the collections of the Art Gallery of Alberta, Musée D’art Contemporain De Montréal, The Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection, The Richard Prince Collection as well as The Taschen Collection. Dorland lives and works in Vancouver.

James Drinkwater

James Drinkwater is a Newcastle-based artist whose practice traverses painting, sculpture, assemblage and collage. Drinkwater makes work about place, intimacy and memory, he uses abstraction, colour and mark making as a vehicle in which to translate these concerns.

JAMES DRINKWATER [b. 1983 Newcastle, NSW, Australia] studied at the National Art School, Sydney, before moving to Melbourne and then Germany. His work is held in major public and private collections both nationally and internationally. In 2014 Drinkwater won the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Rungli Rungliot’, Australian High Commission, Nanda Hobbs Contemporary, Singapore (2017), ‘We Are Clumsy on This Southern Beach’, Nanda Hobbs Contemporary, Sydney (2016) and ‘Every Pigeon in Paris became a Dove, New work from Paris’, Peta O’Brian Contemporary Art, Hackney, London (2015). Selected group exhibitions: ‘Spring. 1883’, NKN Gallery, The Establishment Hotel, Sydney (2017) and ‘Into Abstraction II’, Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney (2017). Drinkwater lives and works in Newcastle.

Jonathan Edelhuber

Jonathan Edelhuber works might depict a person or a place, but the physical subject of each work isn’t the main focus. As a form of personal symbolism, these subjects are an impetus for something deeper. They’re an attempt to grasp something that was once felt. An experience that meant so much it has to be replayed over and over as to not lose it. While these images are deeply personal, Jonathan hopes to leave enough room for the viewer to ask their own questions, to experience something of their own. He creates to make a thought or a feeling become something physical. As if each thought was important enough to be explored in such a way. While Jonathan finds beauty in the paint and surfaces of his pictures, he hopes for something deeper that can be grasped by the viewer and valued beyond the physicality.

JONATHAN EDELHUBER [b. 1984, Arkansas] graduated with a BFA from Harding University in 2007. Solo exhibitions include: The Palace, Monroe, La in 2016 and 2014 and Channel To Channel Gallery, Nashville, TN (2016). Group exhibitions include: ‘New Slag’, Den Holm Studios, Melbourne, AU (2016), Central Booking, NYC (2015), David Lusk, Nashville, TN (2015), Oo Gallery, Kingston, NY (2012).

Nick Flatt (w. Paul Punk)

Texas-born Nick Flatt is known for his large-scale photorealistic portraits, often with provocative themes gleaned from titles like Fuck Religion, Pussy Fingers, and Nip Slip.

Working alongside Paul Punk (Paul Punk (a Berlin-based graffiti artist who started experimenting with the medium at age twelve), The duo blend together elements from comic books, graffiti, tabloid photos, and early gestural painting to create a unique form of urban abstraction. Heavily influenced by digital culture, Flatt & Punk pick various components from contemporary art movements, reduce them, then merge them back together to create a new visual language that looks like modern art thrown into a Photoshop blender.

NICK FLATT [b. 1981, Texas, USA] : Paul Punk [b. 1980, Berlin Germany]. Solo exhibitions include: ‘DOOM’, BSMT Space, London (2016); ‘Class War’, Moen Mason Gallery, Tucson, Arizona (2014) and; ‘Control’, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA (2013). Group Exhibitions include: ‘Cut Copy Paste’, COA Gallery, Montreal, Canada (2017); ‘Neon’, BSMT Space, London (2017); ‘BC 700’, Artist Union, Berlin, Germany (2017) and; ‘This Ain’t Main Street’, Master’s Projects, New York (2015). Flatt and Punk currently live and work in Berlin, Germany.

Robert Fry

Robert Fry typically executes works in a flattened perspective in which a human figure is reduced to its bare elements. Fry is only concerned in mapping the body in a referential sense and his figures are stripped of any sense of naturalism. In obscuring his figures, he references a blocking of information and identity to give way to psychological insinuations. These elements serve a greater conceptual mythology, in that the manipulated physical entities suggest a complexity of meaning beyond what is immediately evident. In using expressionism and abstraction, he finds a new language of representation.

ROBERT FRY (b. 1980 London), graduated with a BA Hons Fine Art from Oxford Brooks University in 2002. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Robert Fry and Tina Schwarz’, Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin (2017); ‘Partners’, Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin (2015) and VOLTA NY (2015). Group exhibitions include: ‘The Nude in the XX and XXI Century’, Sotheby’s SI2, London, England (2015) and ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’, One Art Space, New York (2014).

Lenz Geerk

Lenz Geerk’s works typically present his subjects isolated, appearing undisturbed and unaware of being seen. This way, Geerk draws on the curious relationship between exhibitionism and voyeurism, intimacy and anonymity, bringing out the bottoms of our feet as a metaphor for the operation of self-reflection and self-profiling that appears to dominate contemporary culture.

LENZ GEERK [b.1988, Basel] graduated from Kunstakademie Dusseldorf. Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘Closer’, Städtische Galerie Stapflehus, Kunstverein Weil am Rheim (2015); ‘The O’, Mark Christopher Gallery, Toronto (2015) and ‘Jager’, DST Galerie, Munster (2015). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong’, Anna Klinkhammer, Galerie (2015) and ‘Grenznah’, Galerie Skolska 28, Prague (2015). Geerk lives and works In Düsseldorf.

Ina Gerken

Ina Gerken’s works evolve around the essential component of the brushstroke. In her work, Gerken explores the interplay of the paintbrush and paint in full range through various application modes. Her works, seemingly untamed in an expressive, almost rhythmic gesture, are characterised by an ambivalence between ease and precision.

INA GERKEN [b.1987, Speyer, Germany] graduated in Fine Art at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (2016). Selected solo shows include: ‘Recent Traces’, NAM project, Milan (2017), ‘Verve & Transition’, Gallery Golestani, Dusseldorf (2015) and ‘If Not Then’, Ringstube, Mains (2012). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Instant Karma’, Achenbach Hagemeier, Dusseldorf (2017) and ‘Attitudes in Painting’, Lepsien Art Foundation, Dusseldorf (2017). Gerken lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Robert Hardgrave

Robert Hardgrave has made a significant contribution to visual arts in the Pacific Northwest USA for over a decade. Hardgrave’s works primarily include an exploration of drawing and painting through varied and unexpected mediums. His intricate and textured works are meditations on discovery and the unpredictability of existence

ROBERT HARDGRAVE [b. 1969, Oxnard California] was a finalist for the 2014 Cornish College of the Arts Neddy Award in Painting and nominee for the 2014 Portland Art Museum’s Contemporary Northwest Arts Awards. Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘Blue Blues Slower Than My Heartbeat’, Gallery 16, San Francisco (2016). Hardgrave lives and works in Seattle.

Clinton Hayden

Clinton Hayden’s studio-based multidisciplinary practice uses photography, objects and installation methods to investigate ideas of desire, intimacy and longing. Through the careful, poetic combination of photography and artist-made objects, Hayden works with the understanding of the photograph both as image and object – A duality Susan Sontag once described as ‘a pseudo presence and token of absence’. Knowing that these states are tied to notions of melancholy and mortality, Hayden builds immersive and haptic sites for the exploration of love and longing, subject and object, lover and other.

Clinton HAYDEN (b. 1978, Orange, AUS) obtained a MFA with Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology School of Art in 2011, and a BFA from the Australian National University School of Art in 2002. Hayden’s first solo ‘Objects for Rebels and Lovers’ with Beers London in 2015 was given top five shows to see in May from London Time Out and Whitechapel Gallery. He exhibits work frequently and has shown in London, Melbourne, New York and Reykjavik. Notable group shows include ‘The Gravity of Form’ at Beers London in 2013 and ‘Mistaken Identities’ at Modern Art Oxford in 2012. His published work includes the series ‘Hunting’ for Excerpt Magazine #4 2012, and the self published artist book ‘fugue’ in 2013. Hayden is held in private collections in Melbourne, London and New York

Aly Helyer

Aly Helyer’s work interrogates representations of the self. Her oil and gouache paintings excavate the performance of character, the ruptures, tension and violence at stake in our image and the apparent conflict of our desire for a singular depiction of identity. Duality, and the impossibility of a unified self is at stake in the paintings, as her portraits push at the edges of the frame and dissolve into surfaces. The slippage between subject, background and foreground creates a dark and absurd tension that simultaneously seduces and repels.

ALY HELYER [b. 1965,Thornaby, North Yorkshire] graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Solo exhibition include: ‘Soft Subversions’, Herrick Gallery, London (2014). Group exhibitions include: ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, Charlie Smith, London (2016), ‘Sampler’, Arcade Gallery, London (2016) and ‘Endgame’, Turps Gallery, London (2016). Helyer lives and works in London.

Damien Hoar De Galvan

Damien Hoar De Galvan typically creates small wooden sculptural forms however, occasionally works across different mediums. All materials used by De Galvan are found or reused playing on the appeal of old and worn objects as a starting point to begin new work. De Galvan’s work is very much process based, seeking out and solving problems throughout the construction.

DAMIEN HOAR DE GALVAN [b. 1979, Northampton, MA] graduated with a Masters Degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘Ok’, Needles and Pens, San Francisco (2015) and ‘Wake Up’, Carroll and Sons, Boston (2015). Group exhibitions include: ‘Lost Cat’, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis (2015) and ‘A Few Conversations About Colour’, DM Contemporary, New York (2015). De Galvan lives and works in Boston.

Gregory Hodge

Gregory Hodge constructs illusionary abstractions from a mélange of source material including painted abstract motifs on drafting film, coloured paper and masking tape, before rendering these collages in paint. Using complex and systematic technical processes such as trompe-l’oeil, cast shadows and manipulating paints’ translucent and opaque qualities, the paintings playfully mimic the physical fragility and provisional nature of the source material.

GREGORY HODGE [b. 1982, Sydney] graduated with a PhD from Canberra School of Art. Selected Solo exhibitions include: ‘Paintings’, BUS Projects, Melbourne (2016), ‘Collages’, Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney (2015) and ‘A Fabled Gesture’, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT (2015). Group exhibitions include: ‘Present Tense’, Edwina Carlette Gallery, Brisbane (2016), ‘So Fresh’, Wellington St Projects, Sydney (2016) and ‘Right Here Right Now’, Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney (2015). Hodge lives and works in Sydney.

Anna Ilsley

Anna Ilsley is a contemporary painter whose practice challenges cultural representations of femininity from deep within the ancient world to current day figures in popular culture. Often seeking to readdress the male perspective that has framed views of women throughout history up to the present day, Ilsley gleefully picks away at these stereotypes with a wry sense of humour to present her protagonists as joyously free of oppressive notions of female propriety.

ANNA ILSLEY [b. 1982, Hertfordshire] completed her Post Graduate Diploma at Prince’s Drawing School. Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘Temple of Lusts’, S-T-O-R-E, London (2014) and ‘Shadow of a Shadow’, British School of Athens (2013). Group Exhibitions include, ‘Nasty Women, Cambridge, Curated by Day and Gluckman (2017), ‘Seasons’, Maxilla Space’, London (2017) and ‘The Place Where My Heart Is Meant To Be Lost’, Third Policeman Gallery, NYC (2016). Ilsley lives and works in London.

Thomas Iser

Thomas Iser is a French-Luxembourgish painter, photographer and performer. Iser is inspired by humanity and his projects celebrate unity, diversity and resilience in the beauty around the world. His art is directly related to his life and it is a mission for him to share his vision. A vision of a world without borders.

THOMAS ISER [b. 1987, Metz, FRANCE] Self-educated, started graffiti at a very young age. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Le Silence Du Chaos’ Luxembourg (2013) Group exhibition: ‘Young Blood’ Miltgen gallery, Luxembourg (2012) and ‘Art 2 Cure’ at International Bank of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (2016), Iser lives and works in all the people he portrays around the world.

Josh Jefferson

Josh Jefferson has honed his medium by working with colored pencil, ink and gouache on blank pages removed from vintage books. With this combination of materials he achieves a rich, delicate surface that adds to the mystery and expressiveness of each image/head. His work revolves solely on the abstracted conceptualizing of the human face. Though based in geometrical shapes, Jefferson is able to capture the emotion and feeling within the confines of those shapes. His is work that appears technically proper but emotionally resonant.

JOSH JEFFERSON [b. 1977 St. Petersburg FL] graduated with a BFA from the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. Solo exhibitions include, ‘Shaboopie’, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, MA (2016) and ‘Head into the Trees’, Gallery 16, San Francisco (2015). Group exhibitions include: ‘California Sun’, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy (2016) and ‘The Guston Effect’, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, MA (2015). Jefferson lives and works in Boston, MA.

Daniel Jensen

Daniel Jensen´s paintings, sculptures and drawings often explore issues surrounding contemporary society, pop culture, film, literature and nature in decline. His work is filled with
abstract and figurative elements not related in any narrative sense. A patchwork of references and techniques gives life to a series of characters and a personal universe where humour and deep sincerity are entwined and unconstrained.

DANIEL JENSEN [b. 1972, Malmo] graduated from The National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo and Valand School of Fine Art in Gothenburg. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Evidence of Absence’, Bjorkholmen Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (2015), ‘Before The Beginning’, Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden, (2014).Group exhibitions include: ‘He Fell Through So We Came Looking For You’, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden, (2017), ‘Micro Salon #7’, Galerie Linlassable, Paris, France, (2017), ‘HyperMagic’, Mountain Gallery, New York, USA, (2017), ‘When The Darkness Comes, It’s All Good’, Varbergs Konsthall, Varberg, Sweden, (2016). Jensen lives and works in Stockholm.

Erik Jones

Erik Jones’ work is vibrant and colourful, expressing a heightened sense of realism, capturedin his female subjects, juxtaposed with sporadic mark making and nonrepresentational forms that could be said to mimic geometric high-end fashion. This effect is achieved by using multiple mediums such as watercolour, coloured pencil, acrylic, water-soluble wax pastel and water-soluble oil on paper.

Erik Jones (b. 1982 St. Petersburg Florida). Received a bachelor’s degree from Ringling College of Art and Design 2007. Out of college, Working primarily in cover illustration, Erik toured the US, showing at different pop culture and art conventions. He gradually made his way to Brooklyn, New York in 2009, where he now resides.

Jordan Kerwick

Jordan Kerwick’s dense impasto brushstrokes flatten the perception of space; instead it is his thick application of paint that offers dimension and texture. The self-taught Australian artist explores the relationship between thick patches of colour and form while incorporating recurring elements of iconography such as contours of palm trees and anchors as a means of fusing painting and sketching. These intuitive and enticingly tactile marks celebrate artists’ role of investigating the inherent potential of his chosen media of oil paint.

JORDAN KERWICK [b.1982, Melbourne, Australia] Solo exhibition include: ‘Fourth Time Around’, Linberg Galleries, Victoria, Australia (2017). Group exhibitions include: ‘Summer Cool’, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City, (2017), ‘Angry Boys’, Galerie Rompone, Koln, Germany (2017), ‘Micro Salon #7’, Galerie L’inlassable, Paris, France (2017), ‘Local Group Show’, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, (2016). Kerwick lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Sandro Kopp

Sandro Kopp explores the possibilities and boundaries of portrait painting. His most recent experimentations include painting friends and family via Skype conversations, looking at the concept of mediated presence and examining at the meeting points of classical painting and digital technology. Kopp’s earlier works from 2003 involve the sitters to be painted without clothes, props or background allowing the representations to be free from anything that would link them to their societal context, or to the specific trappings of the moment in history they inhabit. Whereas paintings from ‘Take Time I, II and III’ are slowly built up with several years’ worth of palette-scrapings. Each blob being a trace from a particular day or two that is then built up over months into a painting while being refined in dozens of layers surrounded by precious metals like gold, platinum and palladium.

SANDRO KOPP [b. 1978, Heidelberg, Germany]. Kopp’s work has been exhibited at Lehmann Maupin, New York; Victoria Miro Gallery, London; The National Portrait Gallery, London and other galleries in Europe, America and New Zealand. Kopp lives and works in Nairn, Northern Scotland.

William Lachance

William Lachance is best known for his brightly coloured figurative and abstract work. Lachance’s figurative paintings explore the enveloping space behind and around isolated figures; to look beyond what is depicted and to create a unique narrative. Lachance’s abstract paintings however, flirt with the ideas that take place on the surface. The narratives still appear, however, they weave their way through abstract forms on the way to somewhere right in front of the viewer.

WILLIAM LACHANCE [b. 1966, St Louis, Missouri] is an American painter and professor of Painting and Art History. Graduated with a BFA from The Kansas City Art Institute and MFA from Indiana University. Solo exhibitions include: Art Athina, Athens, Greece (2017), Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, Norway (2017), Direktorenhaus, Berlin, Germany, (2017), Junior Space, Melbourne, Australia (2017). Group exhibitions include: Housa Gallery, Two Person Exhibition (2014), SIBA Gallery, New Abstract Works (2014), ‘Observing The Observer’ with Anne Rowe, SIBA Gallery, (2013). Lachance lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Adam Lee

Adam Lee works from his studio in the hills of the Macedon Ranges, Victoria, and he works mostly with traditional painting and drawing materials. His work references a wide range of sources including historical and colonial photography, biblical narratives, natural history and contemporary music, film and literature to investigate aspects of the human condition in relation to ideas of temporal and supernatural worlds.

ADAM LEE (b.1979, Melbourne, Australia) received his Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art (Painting) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology. Lee continued his studies with a Masters in Research In Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology and furthered his education with a PhD in Research at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Lee’s solo exhibitions include; ‘This Earthen Tent’, BEERS London, (2017); ‘Lament Asunder’ All Dark is Midnight To Me (2017) at STATION in Melbourne, a solo booth at VOLTA NYC with Angell Gallery in March 2017; ‘Of A Great And Mighty Shadow’ (2016), Angell Gallery in Toronto; as well as his first exhibition with BEERS London, entitled ‘A Long Obedience’ (2015). Lee has been shortlisted for numerous awards including the Geelong Contemporary Art Prize (2014), The Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize (2014), The Churchie National Emerging Artist Award (2012/11), and many others. He has just completed the Glasshouse Stonehouse Residency in the South of France (Aug. 2017). Lee lives and works in Australia and is represented by BEERS London and STATION Gallery (Melbourne).

Dane Lovett

Dane Lovett’s paintings are delicately crafted observations of familiar subject matter, from domestic plants and flowers to leftover remnants of music and popular culture. His work often echoes traditional still-life painting, yet a familiar arrangement of flowers and vases take on new meaning with the inclusion of forgotten and outdated technology. The imagery of a vintage synthesiser, an old Vinyl LP or a discarded television, are placed in a nostalgic haze that questions their belonging as they float between the personal and the universal.

DANE LOVETT [b. 1984, Brisbane, Australia] Holds two Bachelor Degrees, Fine Arts from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane and 1st Arts Honours from Victorian College of Art, University of Melbourne. Recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Victorian College of Art, University of Melbourne. Winner of multiple awards and residencies. Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘Nightshades’, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney (2017), ‘Club Moss’, STATION, Melbourne (2016), ‘Hazy Shopping’, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney (2015). Group exhibitions include: ‘Keith & Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship Exhibition’, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne (2017), ‘Group Exhibition’, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney (2016), ‘Eutick Memorial Still Life Award’, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, Coffs Harbour (2016), ‘The Fisher’s Ghost Art Award’, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Campbelltown (2016). Lovett lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Leif Low-Beer

Leif Low-Beer’s enigmatic drawings and collages invites the curious eye. Low-Beer engages in a playful re-ordering of ideas, images and expectations through the use of constructed, multipart and or recombined compositions of drawings, collages and assemblages. Low-Beer’s work provides a platform where he can explore the relationship between a variety of projects. Much remains ambiguous allowing the viewer to bring his or her own experience to the work.

LEIF LOW-BEER [b. Toronto, Canada] Studied Visual Arts / Design and Visual Arts in 2003 and completed Philosophy and Visual Arts Degree from the University of Guelph. Has been awarded multiple residencies. Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘The Order of Things’, Typology Gallery, Toronto (2014), ‘First Conference of the International Network of Personal Relationships (INPR), Buffalo Arts Studio, Buffalo (2013), ‘Heap Gives Up’, Beginnings Gallery, Brooklyn (2013). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Pass/Fall’, Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn (2016), ‘Would’, Welcome Gallery, Charlottesville (2016), ‘Intimate Jest.’, Left Field, San Luis Obispo (2015), ‘Do It Yourself’, 3rd Ward Gallery, Brooklyn (2014). Low-beer lives and works in Brooklyn and Berlin.

Jessie Makinson

Jessie Makinson’s paintings are filled with nostalgia and art historical references. She romanticises her figures, through the use of soft, curved lines and flourishes of pattern reminiscent of cuts of fabric, in order to explore issues surrounding femininity, cultural appropriation, and the relationship between art and fashion. Playful with colours and shapes, Makinson incorporates a plethora of subjects picked from history and her own subconscious.

JESSIE MAKINSON [b. 1985, Camberwell] graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 with a BA in Drawing and Painting, she later attended The Royal Drawing School in 2011. Her works have been shown in solo and group shows including Captain Lightfoot Presents… at The Glasshouse in Edinburgh, and Fake French at Roman Road, London. In 2013 she was awarded the Royal Drawing School’s fully funded Moritz-Heyman Artists’ Residency in Tuscany. Makinson lives and works in London.

Kathryn Maple

With a practise firmly rooted in drawing, Maple is obsessed with the possibilities of mark making and image-making. Her works combine areas of fine detail with those of minimalism, creating tapestries of paint and line that appear compact yet broadly simplistic. She holds a particular focus on areas in her surroundings that are in some way forgotten or neglected. Often, these scenes depict buildings surrounded and permeated by nature – trees thrusting upwards behind wrought iron fences, dense foliage almost merging into brickwork.

KATHRYN MAPLE [b, 1989, Canterbury] graduated from Prince’s Drawing School’s Postgraduate Programme in 2013. Before that, in 2011, she graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA in Fine Art Printmaking. With forthcoming shows at Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, and Mall Galleries, London, she has previously shown at Fruit Salad Group Show, Mercer Chance Gallery, London, Drawings from the Royal Drawing School at Christies, New York, and Islands of the Blest at The Strand Gallery, London. She was the winner of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition in 2014. Maple lives and works in London.

Peter Matthews

Through the simplicity of the works, Matthew’s comments as much on performance and ‘the conceptual’ as he does the two-dimensional picture plane. For these are drawings that are not really about drawing at all, but rather about man’s inability to recapture the momentary sublime held in the vastness of nature, the bleak romanticism in the ocean as it consumes and intoxicates. Through extended hours (sometimes Matthews will abscond himself for up to 9 hours, adrift alone at sea,) Matthews is working in real time through a very direct approach and immediate relationship with the ocean, where it becomes evident that his process is so much less about draftsmanship or material and more about an idea connected to nature and personal spirituality: through the drawings, Matthews seeks to question and challenge the nature of the image as something that requires subject matter. He questions us, as to whether the drawing can capture an essence, a thought, a momentary fleeting feeling. For Matthews, there is an immediacy and connectivity in his practice that articulates something that even a painting cannot – for a painting is about production, and these drawings are not about the artist’s studio or statement: they are about a place and moment in time. Most recently, he has begun pairing his works with videos which offer perhaps the most straightforward documentation of a practice defined by its very indefiniteness, its incalculability, and the presence of video may be more apt to contextualize something that drawing, even after hours and hours drifting in the ocean, may not be able to fully explain for his viewer.

PETER MATTHEWS graduated with an MFA and BA Hons in Fine Art from the Nottingham Trent University. He has been included in numerous group exhibitions internationally and around the UK including: After Image: Contemporary Artists and Photography, Art House Productions Gallery, New Jersey, USA (2015), Power of the Sea, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (2014), Appendage, Konnektor, Forum für Künste, Hannover, Germany (2014), The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art, North Carolina Museum of Art, North Carolina and Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, USA (2013); Sea Journeys, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany (2013) and Glasklar Milchig, Forum Factory, Berlin, Germany (2013) His solo exhibitions include Continuum, James Cohan Gallery, New York, USA (2011) and Sea Marks, Mendes Wood DM, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2011). Following his artist residency at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in California in 2015, he had two solo shows at Scripps and the University California San Diego. Matthews was a finalist in the Francois Schneider Contemporary Talents competition in France in 2014, and last year was a shortlisted artist featuring on the Sky Arts programme Landscape Artist of the Year. In 2016 Matthews will show his work in the major touring and Arts Council funded exhibition Head Above Water which will travel from Plymouth and then around the UK. Matthews had his last solo exhibition with BEERS in June 2013, entitled, ‘Surroundings’ and his second solo exhibition with BEERS took place in June 2016. In July 2017, Matthews was awarded the Hugh Casson Drawing Prize at the Royal Academy, London.

Matt Maust

Matt Maust’s mixed media works are a chaotic layering of ideas, materials and colours. For Maust there is a deliberate blurring between art-making and life as he appropriates every part of his daily life in his at making process.

MATT MAUST [b. 1979 Los Angeles] graduated with a BFA from Biola University, CA. Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘1 Of These Days I’m Gonna Do It’, Paul Loya Gallery, LA (2016) and ‘Turn or Burn’, M23, New York (2016). Group exhibitions include: ‘Rhythm’, Great Park Gallery, LA (2016) and ‘Fur Vier’, M23, Miami Beach, FL (2014). Maust Lives and works in LA.

Laith McGregor

Laith McGregor’s multidisciplinary practice draws on illusionary material with an ongoing inquiry into contemporary portraiture, semiotics of the guise, notions of the self & the complexities of what it means to be human. The figures that he represents derive from both factual and fictitious realms. The qualities that result from McGregor’s practice highlight the grey areas that exist between fiction and nonfiction.

LAITH MCGREGOR [b. 1977, Queensland, Australia] has exhibited widely throughout Australia & overseas, most recently in Art Los Angeles Contemporary with Starkwhite, ‘The Red Queen’ MONA Hobart, ‘Melbourne Now’ National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, ‘Physical Video’ Gallery of Modern Art Queensland & ‘Freehand: Recent Australian Drawing’ Heide Museum of Art, Melbourne. His work is exhibited in various institutions & private collections including The National Gallery of Australia, The Museum of Contemporary Art & The Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland. He has received a number of significant residencies & prizes, most recently the HIAP Helsinki residency through the Australian Arts Council, the National Work on Paper Prize Mornington Regional Gallery & the Collie Print Trust Printmaking fellowship at the Australian Print Workshop. Lives & works between, Byron Bay, Australia & Bali, Indonesia

Holly Mills

Working across painting, printmaking, illustration and textiles, Holly Mills draws influence from fictional narratives, remembered journeys and imagined destinations. An interest in the process of making is an integral part of Holly’s mixed media works on paper. With a childlike naivety and pervading sense of unease, inspiration from the drudgery of modern day life starkly contrasts with vivid paintings of foliage and pattern. Holly’s eclectic and experimental practise intends to evoke mood and atmosphere through the use of bold layered colour and intense scratched lines.

HOLLY MILLS [b. 1990, London] graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a BA in Illustration in 2012, the same year she won the V&A student illustrator of the year award. Selected exhibitions include The Jungle Book Club, Book Club, London, Secret 7” and Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London, Cluster Puck, Print Space, London, and V&A Illustration Awards, Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Mills lives and works in London.

Igor Moritz

gor Moritz explores the relation between the interior and exterior of the human. He dresses the work summoning the desire for tasting the lines, forms and more importantly the colours. While excessively using patterns, and overdosing on colour schemes, Igor guides the viewer into his organised chaos.

IGOR MORITZ [b.1996, Lublin, Poland] self-taught painter undergoing a Bachelor in Industrial Design at Bournemouth University. Currently took a gap year in his studies in order to prioritize his development as an artist and is preparing to take part in an artist residency in Japan (Studio Kura, Fukuoka). Group Exhibitions include: group exhibition at the Palace of Fine Art’s in Cracow, Poland (2014), “Half of me is in the past “BUMF gallery, Bournemouth, UK (2016). Solo exhibitions include: “the black tulip” in Lublin, Poland (2015) and ”70×100 from G&T” in Salisbury, UK (2015).

Benjamin Murphy

Murphy is known primarily for his graphic, time-consuming installations created entirely out of black electrical tape, resulting in a stark recognisable aesthetic. This is borrowed from German expressionism, which in turn creates a subject matter that takes inspiration from Romantic literature and the history of the vanitas in art.

The artist tirelessly works both in and out of studio to plan and execute elaborate tape-based drawings. Murphy’s images work on many plains of perspective and contain various contradictory elements that contain an on-going narrative or macabre. A decadent story-arc is hinted throughout, with the work referencing a range of sources mainly from poetry and classic literature, specifically creating a mystical aura around the work and allowing the spectator to create their own meaning surrounding the work.

BENJAMIN MURPHY (b. 1988, Yorkshire, UK) has a Master of Arts Degree in Fine Art from the University of Salford. After university, Murphy moved to London and has exhibited his electrical tape works in a number of solo presentations including: Deaths and Entrances (Ravenna: May 2015), Lunacy, Law, and Conscience (Moniker Art Fair: Oct 2014), Seven Years Of Sketchbooks – (Hoxton Gallery – Apr 2014), Nothing Is More Real Than Nothing (Pescara, Italy: Jan 2014), and Abandon All Hope (Hoxton Gallery – Nov 2012). In addition, Murphy has participated in a number of group exhibitions including in 2014 Houses of Parliament Alongside Picasso, the Saatchi Gallery in 50×50 exhibition, as well as Whitfield Fine Art alongside Damien Hirst, Gilbert & George, Marc Quinn, and Cecily Brown. Murphy’s interest in contemporary art theory has led him to write for multiple magazines including: This Is Tomorrow, Rooms Magazine, and Artefuse. He regularly collaborates with charities, curating shows and donating art works. Past collaborators include: Anti-Slavery International, The Hepatitis C Trust, Amnesty International, International Alert, Reprieve, The Born Free Foundation, Each One Teach One, Save The Tigers, Uthink, Apopo, and The Teenage Cancer Trust. Murphy lives and works in London.

Mark Mullin

Mark Mullin’s work attempts to offer a multiplicity of references that straddle notions of what constitute the abstract and the representational. Though calculated in their placement and execution, the arrangement of recurring forms make little literal sense yet possess enough fleeting familiarity to engage the viewer in a game of deduction. Somewhere a narrative lurks. Yet, whatever gains are made by reading into possible allusions (to biological/atomic forms, urban graffiti, comic books, Celtic knots), a summation of either original intent or final result is to rest quizzically out of reach.

MARK MULLIN [b. 1969 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada] graduated with an MFA from Concordia University (1998). Solo exhibitions include: ‘Dismantling Act’, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON (2015) and ‘Lumings’, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, AB. Group exhibitions include: ‘Made in Calgary’, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB (2014). Mulin lives and works in Edmonton Canada.

Dominic Musa

Dominic Musa’s lively paintings portray a central character, an “artist as critic” presenting an existentialist view of the art world as both argument and joke. Musa creates, a collision of the factual and the bizarre through a use of commonplace images and scenes, vivid colors, and compositions that can be both fluid and disruptive. The end result is narratives that blend elements of memory and fiction.

DOMINIC MUSA (b. 1989, Poughquag, NY) is an M.F.A painting candidate from the Rhode Island School of Design and was awarded the Roger and Gayle Mandle Scholarship (2017). Selected exhibitions include: ‘Ocotillo’, Tyler School of Art Stella Elkins Gallery, Philadelphia (2017); ‘Stone Soup Nasty’, Orgy Park Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2016); ‘The Talking Lamp’, The Kennington Residency, London (2016) and ‘Hang Ten’, Field Projects Gallery, New York, NY. Musa lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dominic Myatt

Dominic Myatt is an artist scrawling phallic noses, wandering appendages, distended limbs and weeping sores with the warped freedom and startling immediacy only drawing can provide. As contemporary as his expanding body of work is, its exploration of the space between sexual fantasy vs its reality, pleasure and the abject is one that has been influenced by ‘degenerate’ philosophers and psychoanalytic thinkers such as Georges Bataille and Jacques Lacan. Tattooing as a form of mark making has also become part of Myatt’s practice in recent years. With a particular focus on the idea of a drawing physically penetrating the skin and the painful yet cathartic, and at times aroused, reaction from the recipient becoming a distillation of the themes explored in the original artworks.

DOMINIC MYATT (b. 1993, Leicester) graduated with a BA in Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths University. Notable exhibition include: ‘Lunch Money’, Mainoeuvre Gallery, Berlin (2017) and; ‘Ridley Road Nudist Beach’, Doomed Gallery, London (2016). Myatt currently lives and works in London.

Daniel Noonan

Daniel Noonan is known for distinctively elusive, complex, vibrational polychrome abstractions. His work exists in a state of ethereal suspension, with cryptic forms and figures slowly unfolding over time – references that are obscure and resist quick comprehension. Noonan sees the form of painting as a primary manifestation of the ‘real’, as opposed to a secondary representation. He is currently working on larger paintings that include a second panel, becoming hemispherical. Contrary to the assumption that Noonan’s paintings are generated from purely intuitive or psychedelic methods, his compositions are derived from drawings on paper such as these or an amalgam of words and phrases scribbled on his studio wall, an object, or a person. Noonan has a desire to unlock a language of consciousness as forms collide and guide the creation of the image with essential marks only, though the logic of the painting remains fascinatingly opaque to the viewer. This approach takes on a performative aspect in the studio, Noonan states “the place I like best with painting is just before or after, something emerging or becoming.”

Daniel Noonan (b. 1974, Melbourne) attended the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in 1997. Through the late 1990’s and 2000’s Noonan exhibited in various solo and group shows in Melbourne and Sydney, during which time he was a member of the artist collective “DAMP”. He relocated to New York in 2005 and has continued to show work in galleries in Australia including recent solo exhibitions at Dutton, New York; Tristian Koenig, Melbourne; Crossley & Scott Contemporary, Melbourne; and Kaliman Gallery, Sydney, as well as a recent group exhibition at ACCA in Melbourne entitled “Painting. More Painting.” An upcoming solo show will be held at Sutton Gallery, Melbourne. His work is held in collections of Artbank (Australia); the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia); the collections of James Mollison AO; John McBride; Joyce Nissan Collection; and private collections in the United States and Europe. Noonan lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Erik Olson

Erik Olson’s paintings are typically developed from responses to a singular field of colour, which he applies liberally to create bold, vivid works that unite abstract and figurative elements. His subjects are gleaned from a range of sources and are fragmented and reimagined before being reassembled into a harmonious whole. Olson frequently paints portraits of those close to him, the processes of abstraction that he employs becoming windows into his relationships with these figures.

ERIK OLSON [b.1982, Calgary, Alberta, Canada] holds a BA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and between 2014 and 2015 was a guest student of Peter Doig at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Solo Exhibitions include ‘Portraits’, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Canada; Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Calgary, Canada; and ‘Dusseldorfer’, BravinLee Programs, New York, USA. Group exhibitions include ‘Papier 16’, Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Montreal; ‘Launchpad’, Viviane Art Gallery, Calgary; ‘King Kong Crisis’, Galerie Golestani, Dusseldorf; and ‘BP Portrait Award’, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK. Olson lives and works in Dusseldorf.

Danielle Orchard

Danielle Orchard abstracts figures and their backgrounds into playful shapes, textures and colors. Her paintings are psychological spaces – contemplative, funny, humanistic. The images have a linear ease and immediacy, compounded by her complex use of color, form, and content.

DANIELLE ORCHARD [b. 1985, Fort Wayne, Indiana] graduated with an MFA from Hunter College (2013). Notable Exhibitions include: ‘Look Her Way’, Thierry Goldberg, NY (2017), ‘Try to Smoke it’, Taymour Grahne, NY (2017) and ‘AWKWARD’, KERS Gallery, Amsterdam (2015). Orchard lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Naudline Pierre

Naudline Pierre’s paintings exist as portals into a mysterious world. Through the creation of a parallel reality, she arranges her experiences, anxieties, and longings into harmonies of color and texture that are often just as aggressive as they are beautiful. Drawing reference from the practice of anointing—an emblematic blessing for protection and empowerment, or the act of consecration—the paintings borrow the symbol of laying hands and the act of bodies touching bodies to explore the complexities of existence. Through accessing her personal mythology, Naudline creates intimate, otherworldly scenes where a cast of characters are in close contact with her shadow self. These characters are visitors, they are guardians, they are demons, they are concoctions of dreams, teachings, desires, and even fragments of the artist’s shadowy alter-ego.

NAUDLINE PIERRE [b. 1989, Leominster, MA] holds an MFA from the New York Academy of Art (2017) and a BFA from Andrews University (2012). She was the recent recipient of the Terra Foundation for American Art residency in Giverny, France, and the Estèe Lauder Merit Award. Her work has been included in group shows at the New York Academy of Art and Andrews University, as well as the Siegfried H. Horn Museum in Michigan. Pierre currently lives and works in New York.

Mateusz Piestrak

Mateusz Piestrak is best known for blurring the line between abstraction and representation. His paintings are a record of discussion on the potential of the painting to a culture dominated by new media. The main theme is “discovering” the image. In Piestrak’s paintings, the modern world makes a conversation with tradition. He paraphrases fragments of artworks by the old masters, well known from the tradition of painting. The artist chooses motives according to the non-obvious key, drawing inspiration alternately from everyday life, the tradition of painting and sculpture, achievements of contemporary artists, or juggling quotes taken from photographs. Piestrak doesn’t begin his work from thinking in terms of narration – he rather strives for this construction to appear at the audience, letting the images stimulate the viewer’s memory and make them start building the story themselves.

MATEUSZ PIESTRAK [b. 1991 Wroclaw, Poland] graduated with a MA from The University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. Notable solo and group exhibitions include: ‘TWO MORE HEADS WOULD APPEAR IN ITS PLACE’ Mitch + Co Gallery in New York, United States (2017), ‘Stream Not Found’, Assembly Gallery, Poznan, Poland (2017), SCOPE NY, Mitch + Co Gallery, New York, USA (2017), ‚Now when I build, I shall begin with the smoke from the chimney’, The Curators’LAB Gallery, Municipal Galleries of the University of the Arts in Poznan, Poland (2017), ‚Non-places’, Berlin Gallery Weekend, Assembly Gallery-Neukölln, Berlin, Germany (2017), ‚Can you imagine a luminous ruin?’, Assembly Gallery, Poznan, Poland (2016), ‚Reconstructions of the Memory’ OSTRALE, error: X, 10. International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, Dresden, Germany (2016), International Contemporary Art Fair ‚ARTVILNIUS’16’, Vilnius, Lithuania (2016), ‚Hestia Artistic Journey Competition’ Museum of Modern Art (MSN), Warsaw, Poland (2016), ‚Temporary Autonomous Zone’, Mona Inner Spaces – Museum of the Newest Art, Poznan, Poland (2016).

Henrik Placht

Henrik Placht is very much anchored in modern German painting and refers to artists such as Gerhard Richter, Albert Oehlen and Anselm Kiefer. Placht has previously worked with strict compositions of geometric and architectural forms that gave direct associations to his inspiration sources. However, he has evolved from this into a more emotional process where the colors and shapes have become richer and bolder and break the former strict composition. Placht’s more expressive and complex compositions create a balance of minds, colours and shapes; leaving physical traces and marks on the canvas.

HENRIK PLACHT [b. 1973 Oslo, Norway] graduated from The Academy of Fine Art, Bergen. Solo Exhibitions include:’Tjuvholmen’, Galleri Haaken, Oslo (2017); NoPlace, Oslo (2016) and Trafo Kunsthall (2015). Group Exhibitions include: ‘Sense and Capability’, Lillehammer Art Museum, Tore A Holms Collection (2012) Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Michael Reeder

Michael Reeder’s work is very much centered on portraiture which seeks to make a direct connection with the audience. This connection encourages viewers to bring their own perceptions, imagination, and vision to light alongside his. Reeder avoids narrowing his conceptual focus in order to allow content to be found and seen for the first time. Although he is technically orchestrating the process, he is doing his best to remain removed just enough to let the work veer off-course and locate its own destiny. Throughout Reeder’s work, realism is mixed with flat graphic space, and themes or motifs of identity, ambiguity, and ego are loosely implied. The convergence of infinite space and the figure highlights the realm of contemplation located between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

MICHAEL REEDER (b. 1982 Dallas, Texas) graduated with a BFA from The School of Visual Arts New York (2007). Notable Solo Exhibitions include: ‘Me, Myself and Delirium’, Cordesa Fine Art, LA (2017) and ‘Alias’, Svper Ordinary Gallery, Denver (2015). Group Exhibitions include: ‘SWANK’, Thinkspace Gallery, LA (2017); ‘Uncontainable: From Vandalism To Movement’, The Thomas Center Galleries, Gainesville, FL (2017) and ‘FLOURISH’, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ (2017). Reeder currently lives and works in LA.

Barry Reigate

Barry Reigate merges the gloss of graphic design with integrity of expressionism, creating packed and jumbled compositions often with a lecherous/fetishist theme. His use of controversial subjects highlight the hypocrisy that surrounds issues such as sexuality, art, race and class. Darkly humorous parodies of today’s attitudes.

BARRY REIGATE [b.1971, London] graduated with an M.A in Fine art at Goldsmiths University (1997). Notable Solo Exhibitions include: ‘The Aristocrats’, Horatio Jnr. London (2017); ‘One Cannot Get Fingerprints on a Rock’, Galerie Alex Daniels, Amsterdam (2014) and ‘Equation’, Paradise Row (2011). Group Exhibitions include: ‘Paper’, SMAC Art Gallery, Cape Town, SA (2014) and ‘British Art Now’, Saatchi Gallery, London (2010). Reigate lives and works in London.

Zach Reini

Zach Reini’s work has gained notoriety for engaging with a visual archive comprised of constantly recycled cultural and commercial symbols that have broken from their historical origins. These floating signifiers find themselves resurfacing across time and geography often with completely transformed meanings, leaving a sense that perhaps all values are subject to change. Reini exploits this open field with a wry sense of humor to create objects at once familiar to many contexts, yet particular to none

ZACH REINI [b. 1990 Denver, CO] graduated with a BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (2012). Solo exhibitions include: ‘For The Fun Of It All’, Bill Brady Gallery, Kansas (2016) and ‘Where The Hell Is Babylon’, Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO (2016). Group Exhibitions include: ‘In The Heat Of The Night’, Castor Gallery, New York (2015) and ‘Thief Among Thieves’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO (2015). Reini lives and works in Denver, CO.

Nathan Ritterpusch

Nathan Ritterpusch’s works are intriguing non-linear narratives that address themes both paradoxically intimate and universal. In these paintings the artist employs ecstatic colors and patterns as he portrays characters desperately struggling in the extremity of desire where pursuit and fulfillment have left them in flux between reality and fantasy.

NATHAN RITTERPUSCH [b. 1976 Harrisburg, PA] graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (1999). Selected Solo Exhibition include: ‘de-lir-i-um’, Rare, USA, Chelsea (2009). Selected Group Exhibitions include: ‘Post-Analog Painting’, The Hole, New York (2015). Ritterpusch lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Giuliano Sale

Giuliano Sale’s early works drew on northern European symbolism, reworking pre-Raphaelite beauties into ruthless images of disillusionment, lost humanity, folly and vice. In his more recent production, portraiture remains central, with the artist breaking down and distorting his subject’s physiognomic features to underscore their disoriented, morally uncertain state.

GIULIANO SALE [b. 1977 Cagliari, Italy] began to participate in various exhibitions in galleries and museums after graduating from High School. He collaborates occasionally as a stage designer for the Il Crogiuolo Theater in Cagliari. Solo Exhibitions include: Artissima, Turin, Gallery Mother’s Tankstation (Dublin) (2015) and ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’, Antonio Colombo artecontemporanea, Milan (2013). Group Exhibitions Include: ‘The Famous Invasion Of Artists In Milan’, Antonio Colombo artecontemporanea, Milan (2015) and 54 Venice Biennale, Sardinia Pavilion (2011). Sale currently lives and works in Milan.

Andrew Salgado

The large scale, gestural paintings of Andrew Salgado works explore concepts relating to the destruction and reconstruction of identity – a process that he views as re-considering the conventions of figurative painting through a pursuit toward abstraction. To create paintings that engage beyond what is immediately visible, he often consciously questions the nature of identity (and painting) itself as something deconstructed, created, and tangible. A significant perspective of his work is concerned with the ‘monstrosity’ of the masculine form, incorporating Classical archetypes like the Laocoön or Dionysian, to subtle references to Guston, Bacon or even artists who exhibit a wild deviation from rules like Daniel Richter or Bjarne Melgaard.

ANDREW SALGADO (b.1982, Canada) has been hailed as one of the most promising young figurative painters working today, after 11 sold-out exhibitions internationally and endorsements from critics including Tony Godfrey, Edward Lucie-Smith, David Liss, and others. In 2017, Salgado was the youngest artist to receive a survey-exhibition at The Canadian High Commission in Trafalgar Square, London, entitled TEN. The exhibition was accompanied by a monograph of the same name.

Forthcoming exhibitions include his third solo with Christopher Moller Cape Town, (March 2018); a debut exhibition at Angell Gallery, Toronto; and his fourth solo at Beers London (spring 2019).

Solo exhibitions include A Room With a View of the Ocean, Lauba Art House, (Zagreb, Croatia, June-July 2017); TEN, Gallery of the Canadian High Commission, (London 2017); The Snake, Beers London (2016); The Fool Makes a Joke at Midnight, Thierry Goldberg, New York, (2016); A Quiet Man, PULSE Miami, (2015); This Is Not The Way To Disneyland, Volta Basel, (2015); Storytelling, Beers, London (2014); Variations on A Theme, OAS, New York, (2014); Enjoy the Silence, Christopher Moller, Cape Town (2014); and his first institution-based exhibition, The Acquaintance, Art Gallery of Regina, Canada (2013).

Mason Saltarrelli

Mason Saltarrelli’s works are built upon almost pure intuition. Using oil, gouache, graphite and spray, he constructs deceptively simple shapes through the use of delicate, intricate line and colour, which take inspiration from religious, tribal and personal symbology. In an ongoing dialogue with nature he often leaves his canvasses outdoors, exposing them to the elements in an attempt to surrender a degree of autonomy over his works by allowing the process to dictate the textures and colours that he will later use through their weathering.

MASON SALTARRELLI [b. 1979, New Orleans] studied Photojournalism at Fordham University from 1997-2001. Recent solo and two-person shows include: ‘Raw Intuition’, Turn Gallery, New York, ‘In the Presence of True Blue Tulips’, Boyd Satellite Gallery, New Orleans, ‘Pages from the Neon Bible’, Randall Scott Projects, Washington DC. Group exhibitions include: ‘Paper in Practise’, Moran Bondaroff, Los Angeles, ‘Summer Flats’, Shrine Gallery, New York, ‘Summer Time’, Geukens & De Vil, Belgium, and ‘Our Winter Show’, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm. Saltarrelli lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw is an artist whose work includes a variety of disciplines, ranging from small drawings and hand made books, paintings on canvas, and large scale wall murals and installation. David has also worked as an illustrator and designer for a range of clients.

DAVID SHILLINGLAW [b. 1982, Saudi Arabia] graduated from Central Saint Martins and has participated in residencies and art projects internationally including Japan, China, Holand, United Kingdom, USA. Solo shows include: Beaumont Gallery, Vancouver (2017), ‘Terrors of Ordinary Madness’, That Art Gallery, Bristol, UK (2017), ‘Optical Delusion’, Jealous Gallery, London, UK (2016). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Altered States’, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (2017), ‘Urban Masters’, Opera Gallery, London, UK (2012.) Shillinglaw lives and works in London.

Antonia Showering

Antonia Showering is interested in how the paint has the ability to manipulate or alter past experiences. Her works try to capture the ephemeral nature of memory, using canvas or paper as a portal into these private moments. Similar to the act of story-telling some parts are exaggerated, forgotten and other parts are totally invented. I’m Not Saying was made at the end of this summer, during an intense relationship. Paint allows the artist to relive bygone recollections before they slip away.

ANTONIA SHOWERING [b. 1991, London] holds a Foundation Diploma from Chelsea Art College, a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School and is currently doing her MFA at The Slade School of Fine Art. Selected exhibitions include: Slade Interim Show, Slade, London (2017), Kings Mall Residency Showcase, Unit 50 King’s Mall, London (2017), Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries, London (2017), Exceptional, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London (2017), ‘Paper Cuts’, Transition Gallery, London (2016), ‘Sampler’, Arcade Gallery, London. She has also won a Chelsea Arts Club Award in 2017 and a Clyde and Co Art Award, St Botolph Building, London (2016). Showering lives and works in London.

Matthew David Smith

Matthew David Smith’s work focuses around the city and the man made, encompassing areas from design and architecture to the Internet. He’s interested in how the visual stimuli of these subjects can collide to create new simple form. His work feels an affinity with the colour field painters of the 50s, but twisting it to hold the essence of our visual urban world.

Along with ideas of popular culture he is also interested in how the mass-produced can be transformed into a unique object. These often computer generated forms insist on the removal of the gesture. By reanimating them into formal painting reintroduces expression. The handmade removes perfection.

Pablo Tomek

Pablo Tomek grew up in the suburbs of Paris where his first artistic endeavors did not take place within the city’s traditional art academies, but in the streets. As a self-taught graffiti artist and a member of the prolific PAL-crew (Peace And Love) he developed a distinct signature, which earned him recognition far beyond the boundaries of the graffiti scene.

Selected solo exhibitions include: ‘Effets Secondaire’, Ruttkowski Galerie, Cologne (2017), ‘Thank You Boss’, Spree Galerie, Berlin (2017), ‘Teren Achemia’, Classic Galerie, Paris (2017), ‘Travaux Publics’, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2016), ‘Worker Dream’, Mini Galerie, AMsterdam (2016). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Terrasse Critique’ with Ken Sortais, 11/12 Galerie, Moscow (2017), ‘Réalité’, Christophe Gaillard Galerie, Paris (2017), ‘Blocker’, Alma Gallery, Lettonie (2017), ‘Après Coup’, Bateau Lavoir, Paris (2016), ‘Toy’, Frac-Nord Pas De Calais, Dunkerque (2015). Tomek lives and works in Paris.

Thom Trojanowski Hobson

Trojanowski Hobson’s paintings have always been very autobiographical, emotionally charged and honest. While materials and medium are unimportant to the artist, often using found objects to create his works, Trojanowski Hobson instead places an importance on the telling of a story, or hurt and struggle and love, high in his priorities.

THOM TROJANOWSKI HOBSON [b. 1988, Kidderminster, UK] graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts (2015). Selected Solo Exhibitions include: ‘You’re Gonna Be The Best Looking Cowboy In The Whole Parade’, Asylum Studios, UK (2017) and; ‘‘It’s A Long Way To Florida’, KOP Artspace, Antwerp, BE (2016). Solo Exhibitions Include: ‘DogPile’, Yui Gallery, New York (2017); ‘We Are The Ones’, Carlesberg, Copenhagen (2017) and; ‘John Moores Painting Prize’, John Moores Gallery, Liverpool, UK (2016). Trojanowski lives and works in London.

Camille Walala

Drawing on influences including the Memphis Movement, the Ndebele tribe and Victor Vasarely, Walala has an irrepressible enthusiasm for playful, graphic patterns that invoke a smile. Her dedication to positivity, optimistic typography and bold use of pattern and colour have seen her transform urban landscapes across the world, and earned her clients ranging from Nike and Armani to Nintendo and Facebook.

A graduate in textile design from the University of Brighton, Camille Walala established her studio and brand in East London in 2009, and has since evolved from textile-based work to art direction, interior design and large-scale civic art and installation projects.

Taylor A White

Taylor Anton White’s work gives form to fleeting memories and the dormant mania crawling beneath the carpet of the Western home. His images recount both crisis and triumph, momentum and confinement, lust and low-altitude bombing. White finds a stillness in the act of recording of arguments through the process of his painting and drawing.

TAYLOR A WHITE [b.1978, San Diego, California] graduated with a B.A in Studio Art from the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA (2016). Notable solo exhibitions include: ‘Biscuits Biscuits Biscuits’, Marquee Projects, Bellport, NY (2017). Group exhibitions include: ‘Wet Paint’, McGuireWoods Gallery, Lorton, VA (2017) ‘Corner of the Universe’, Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles (2016). Lives and works in Stratford, Virginia.